Physical antibacterial avoid resistance, JUC (JUC) specializes in treating beriberi, vulvitis, oral ulcer, wound infection and disease.

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Oral ulcer

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摘要: For oral ulcer, you are most afraid of unbearable pain! According to the literatures of clinical researches in “The Journal of Medical Theory and Practice”, when JUC substitutes Chinese patent medic ...


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[2] Lu Qinmei, Chen Lanying, Zhang Shenfang, etc. Efficacy of JUC Combined with Oral Nursing in Treatment of Chemotherapy-induced Oral Ulcer, Nursing Practice and Research, 2010, 7(4): 27-28

[3] Chen Lei, Observation on Effect of JUC in Treatment of Radioactive Oral Ulcers, Family Nurse, 2009, 7 (1):2852






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