Physical antibacterial avoid resistance, JUC (JUC) specializes in treating beriberi, vulvitis, oral ulcer, wound infection and disease.

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WHO has issued warning: antibiotic resistance is more dangerous than AIDS and has been a serious threat to national security and social stability. No action today, no cure tomorrow. 
Since 1993, NMS Technologies Co., Ltd. (NMS) has challenged the technique of infection prevention and treatment, and launched a technical revolution on anti-infection for human being. Then in 1998, a physical anti-infective method for human body was innovated, which fundamentally changed anti-infective drugs commonly used in clinical practices and substituted the chemical and biological anti-infective methods with a physical anti-infective method. This physical method is to electrocute microorganisms with negative charges (negative energy) with nanometer positive charges (positive energy), that is, combat negative energy with positive energy and avoid drug resistance. A patent product "JUC Physical Antimicrobial Spray Dressing" using the core technology has been developed independently. 
We have not only pioneered in this revolutionary innovative patented technology of physical anti-infection for human body, but also used the patented products in the clinical practices of thousands of hospitals for decades. We have published more than 300 papers in domestic and international medical journals, and our products have been included in the "highly recommended" categories of "Chinese guidelines for diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases". Up to now, after performing hundreds of clinical trials, we have created dozens of solutions for local infection and nosocomial infections, and our products have been listed in the Plan of Generalizing "One Hundred Achievements during Ten Years" by the Ministry of Health of the People's Republic of China and have been distributed to the hospitals led by governments at all levels. The significance of this physical anti-infective method lies in its innovation of a revolutionary anti-infective new method "physical antimicrobe and no drug resistance", thereby relieving clinical drug resistance. 
Meanwhile, NMS has blazed a new trail in physical anti-infective method for clinical medicine. Our products have been certified by SFDA, US FDA and CE (EU) for registration and market access, and have been marketed after registration in Southeast Asian countries and regions, changing the global views and methods on infection prevention and treatment. 
We have been studying traditional Chinese medicine monomer by taking advantage precious herbal resources and combining with patent technology of our "physical antimicrobial film", and have successfully developed anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, anti-itch, hemostatic, anti-adhesive and other functional biomedical materials for decades. 
NMS is a company integrating production, research, development and sales of biomedical materials. Located in Shiqiao Industrial Park, Pukou District, Nanjing, covering an area of 20,000 square meters, it boasts a training building of more than 2000 square meters, a research and development laboratory of more than 300 square meters, and a workshop and an ancillary warehouse of 2,000 square meters. In workshops, there are a 100,000-class clean room of 300 square meters, and a fully automated spray assembly line. The laboratory is equipped with a physical and chemical analysis room, an ordinary instrument room, a precision instrument room, a 10,000-class microbiology lab, etc. The company has a large number of excellent marketing and R&D staff. 
We are committed to exploration, research, development and delivery of innovative medical supplies in a more secure, environmentally friendly and scientific way. Our mission is "to transfer positive energy, resist negative energy, and improve your life as a positive energy evangelist", and our goal is to get everyone around the world to enjoy this technological achievement of "physical antimicrobe, no drug resistance". We will have a bright and exciting market prospect, and we want to share it with you!

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